Sangria soaked street parties with stampeding bulls…

Back in the 15th century, bull fighting was already a well established tradition and one of the key events during the San Fermin festival of Pamplona. Matadors were almost like the superheroes of their days. Every young local boy wanted to be one – but they were unable to face the bulls officially until they … Continue reading

Euro championship madness in Madrid

I’d heard a few mixed things about Madrid. Some had loved it, some had hated it – some had said that didn’t really think it was worth a visit. After foolishly listening to some bad reports of Lisbon I didn’t want to take the risk of relying on someone else’s opinion again – I wanted … Continue reading

Sipping port wine in the city where it all began – Porto

My time in Portugal was sadly coming to an end but there was one more place I had to visit before bidding goodbye to the country for good – Porto. Porto had always been on the cards from the moment we decided we were going to visit Portugal. I heard rave reviews of the place … Continue reading

Sintra – a Disney fairy tale come to life…

I’m a bit of a sucker for Disney movies – always have been. I’d kind of hoped that it was something that would calm down with age but it seems it hasn’t. Even today I could be perfectly content to spend an evening on the couch watching a marathon of The Lion King, Beauty and … Continue reading

Lisbon, why did I have to leave you so soon?

Oh Lisbon, our time together was too short! I can’t remember for the life of me who it was, in fact it may have been a bunch of different people, but whoever it was – I was told by someone at some stage that they hated Lisbon and it really wasn’t worth visiting. For this … Continue reading