Sipping port wine in the city where it all began – Porto

My time in Portugal was sadly coming to an end but there was one more place I had to visit before bidding goodbye to the country for good – Porto. Porto had always been on the cards from the moment we decided we were going to visit Portugal. I heard rave reviews of the place … Continue reading

Sintra – a Disney fairy tale come to life…

I’m a bit of a sucker for Disney movies – always have been. I’d kind of hoped that it was something that would calm down with age but it seems it hasn’t. Even today I could be perfectly content to spend an evening on the couch watching a marathon of The Lion King, Beauty and … Continue reading

Lisbon, why did I have to leave you so soon?

Oh Lisbon, our time together was too short! I can’t remember for the life of me who it was, in fact it may have been a bunch of different people, but whoever it was – I was told by someone at some stage that they hated Lisbon and it really wasn’t worth visiting. For this … Continue reading

Reliving my schoolies days in Lagos, Portugal.

Lagos…what can I say about Lagos? The five days I spent in Lagos were truly like taking a step back in time and re-living a schoolies holiday – just replacing the tacky high rises of Surfer’s Paradise with gorgeous white washed Portuguese buildings and stunning turquoise beaches surrounded by cliffs. Over the five days I … Continue reading