Otres beach, a little slice of paradise in Southern Cambodia

When you bus breaks down a mere 10 minutes after you’ve left the bus station – you know you’re in for a long ride. When you then wait in the swelteringly hot (and stationary) bus for an hour, finally switch to a new ride, drive around for an hour and a half and then notice … Continue reading

A sobering day at the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge

In the short time I’d spent in Cambodia, I’d been absolutely blown away by the gentle, warm and kind nature of almost every Cambodia we had met. They were all so generous and thoughtful and it was rare to walk a few minutes without being greeted by a local’s smiling face and friendly wave. So … Continue reading

Cambodian sunrises and Tomb Raider temples at Angkor…

It was 4.30am and I was motoring through a dusty Cambodian side street on a rickety tuk tuk in the pre-dawn darkness. Now why on earth would I be up and about at that ungodly hour you might be asking…late night out? Early morning bus ride? No, none of the above… I came for this! … Continue reading