An accidental guided hike through Capadoccia’s Rose Valley

Some of our fellow travelers had given us the hot tip that the self-guided hike through the nearby Rose Valley was incredible, so Will and I quickly decided that would be our course of action for our second day in Goreme. We’d been told that the signs were quite obvious, so surely we’d be able to figure … Continue reading

A sleep deprived day in an underground city…

My love affair with Turkish buses came to an abrupt halt when Will, Paige and I caught an overnight bus to Goreme, Capadoccia. Will and I scored two seats directly in front of the back door, so every time the bus stopped we were woken up by a bright light shining on our faces and … Continue reading

Eternal flame-toasted Turkish s’mores!

Our trip from the drop off point of the blue cruise to our next destination, Olympos, was not without a few hiccups… This poor truck was the cause of an unplanned 20 minutes spent waiting by the side of the road. Who needs La Tomatina in Spain when you could just come here!? I did … Continue reading

Finding my sea legs on the Mediterranean…

Meet the Alaturka 81…… …my mobile home for the 4 days I spent cruising around the Mediterranean Sea of the southern coast of Turkey. Not too shabby hey? After waking to another slightly ominous looking morning in Fethiye, the sun had luckily started to peek through the clouds as we made our way down to … Continue reading

Rock tombs and seafood on a rainy day in Fethiye…

Backpacking in the rain is not fun. Let’s face it – it’s just really not an activity that holds its own too well when everything is wet. So as I woke up to the drum of heavy rain on the tin roof on the morning of our only full day in Fethiye I’d be lying … Continue reading