A holiday within a holiday in Hvar…

Every now and then – you need a holiday within a holiday.

It sounds strange, I know – but really it can be so necessary. You can easily become jaded and unappreciative of what you’re doing when you’re constantly dragging your hung-over self from tourist site to site and never properly settling in a place.

Luckily, we weren’t at this stage at all – in fact so far our Euro trip had been absolutely incredible and I was not tiring of it in the slightest! Never the less though, we decided to make the 3 nights we had booked to stay in Hvar our ‘holiday within a holiday’. Not a thing was on the schedule apart from a little sunbaking, a lot of drinking and some intense sessions of dominoes!

The view from the terrace at the Hostel Villa Skansi

Through a little online research I had managed to find the perfect place for the intended 3 days of chilling – the Hostel Villa Skansi.

For $27 a night each (a minor splurge compared to what we had been averaging paying a night) we were treated to a ‘Deluxe Double Room with ocean views’. Not too shabby indeed!

I’m telling you – this place ticked all the boxes.

A sandwich and a view on the patio out the front of our room

  • Huge semi private patio out the front of our room – tick.

Sean and Harry – responsible for many a night of debauchery!

  • A crew of rowdy staff members , eager to get everyone involved in the Hvar nightlight – tick.

Cooking up a storm in the open-air kitchen

  • Open air kitchen for me to cook up some Mexican style egg brunch feasts – tick.

The pimping terrace area – with a sneaky glimpse of the ocean!

  • Massive terrace area with sea views for chilling out or participating in the obligatory drinking games – tick
  • On site bar manned by a hilarious barman – tick.

I’m telling you – I could have stayed at this place for months!

Our days there seemed to blend into a sleepy, sunny and drink-fuelled haze…

Typically I’d rise fairly late, whip up the aforementioned Mexican style egg brunch feast, go for a restorative dip in the icy cold turquoise water of the nearby beach and then while away the remainder of the afternoon with a rigorous schedule of sunbaking and trashy novel reading.

The huge outdoor terrace and open air kitchen areas were perfect for socialising and there was a very open and welcoming vibe amongst everyone staying there.

Another bar, another human pyramid!

Every night without fail we were rounded together to participate in a bout of drinking games by Harry – a young Aussie guy from Coffs Harbour who had stumbled into semi-official role of head of entertainment for the hostel a month earlier.

Free Jägerbombs for all!

His stamina was beyond impressive! Apparently since starting work at the hostel he’d had all of one night in. Within just a month of working there he’d manage to make sufficient contacts to result in free shots magically appearing for our consumption at almost every bar we stumbled into throughout the night.

Sean, Harry and Will

The other person for whom I blame the majority of my hangovers is Sean, the bartender at the hostel’s resident bar. Often clad in a hilarious Hawaiian print shirt, he was on a temporary hiatus from running a bar in Portland, Oregon and boy oh boy could he make a mean mojito.

Kiva Bar, so crowded that the laneway out the front basically became part of the bar itself!

Amongst all the drinking games and bar crawling we managed to meet some great people. A large gang of Canadian guys, some Australian girls and a huge team of English girls celebrating finishing university were just a few of those we shared some drinks with over our time in Hvar.

Like all good things though, it sadly had to come to an end. As Monday morning came and we motored away on the 7am catamaran back towards Split I felt the stirrings within me of what I vaguely recognised at Monday-itis.

In the end I felt that this was quite fitting, given that if ever there was a place of the never-ending weekend – it would be Hvar!



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