Brunch time, baking and baguette eating in English Bay…

Today was lovely…and quite focused around food (nothing new here!)



I dragged the boys along with me to the famous ‘Elbow Room Cafe’ on Davie St, only a 5 minute walk away. The place is an institution – there is a ridiculous range of omelettes, random eggy dishes, pancakes and more – you can even try the ridiculous 12″ pancake if you’re feeling extra ravenous!

I went with the ‘Rambo’ breakfast (entirely inappropriate for my incredibly unmuscular body type) – Poached eggs served on top a bed of lightly fried spinach, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and some amazing English chicken sausages. The whole lot was then piled on top of a sour dough muffin and covered in cheese.


Now whilst I adored the food the main server in the place left me a possibly delaying my return to this establishment for at least a week or two. He was a larger-than-life camper-than-camp, balding little man who had a voice like a chainsaw. Don’t get me wrong, I love an over the top camp man more then most people but HIS VOICE screeching ‘helloooooooooooooooo bitches, sit your arse over here quick smart!’ on repeat, at full volume was a little much for my poor, sensitive and slightly hungover ears. I might just scan to see whether or not he is there for next time, dependent on the level of alcohol coursing through my veins…


After brunching with the gods, I felt the need to satisfying my inner baker so it was straight to the kitchen for me!

Whilst examining our haphazardly stocked pantry I saw that we had some peanut butter and chocolate that desperately needed to be used. I had a delicious vision in mind so after purchasing some Rice Krispees (American Rice Bubbles) and some marshmallows, I started melted and stirring my way towards some delicious choc-peanut butter crackles.

…this is the choc peanut butter mix. I would be lying if I said a few spoonfuls weren’t consumed as part of some extremely vital ‘quality control tastings’.


Now that my baking was finished and the sun was shining the boys and I made our way uptown to this area known as English Bay to meet up with one of their friends from South America for a picnic.

We picked up some baguettes and hummus on the way (the boys neglected to inform me the friend was gluten intolerant, cheers for that!) before we found the two girls amongst a sea of sunbaking and slightly-pink Canadians in the park.

After stuffing ourselves silly with food and disturbing the general serenity with our over zealous football kicking we all wandered back through the sunshine just in time to see Davie street being set up for Pride parade.

‘Twas a good day!

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