Cruising through Kitsilano – farmers markets and more…

Kitsilano or ‘Kits’ as it’s more commonly known is a funky little beachside suburb just a short bike ride from the island that is downtown Vancouver.

I’ve been over there a few times since I arrived in Vancouver, once for a really rushed and bizarre job interview and the other time on Canada Day when all the housemates and Tommy’s visiting family trekked over to Jericho beach for a hostel party and wandered back along the shoreline.

Both times were great but I wanted some more quality Kits time to see what it really had to offer, a proper exploration of sorts. So when I woke up this morning to see the sun shining with no sign of stopping I thought it was the perfect opportunity. I was going to take my poor neglected red bike out for a spin whilst getting a chance to have a leisurely look around the cafes, bars and markets that are sprinkled all through the Kitsilano area.

I started out zooooooooooooooming along the seawall (it’s very easy to do when there’s no incline at all) and passed by Granville island who’s population had freakishly expanded to around 2 bazillion parents with children compared to the usual mid-week crowd. I then cut down the bike express which runs through gorgeous leafy streets with wooden pannelled houses to arrive at my first stop – the Kitsilano Farmers Markets.

Now I should have taken a photo of these gorgeous, quaint little markets – but sadly I got distracted by the sensory overload of colourful fresh fruit, delicious baked goods, food carts and free cheese samples (ok, it was mostly the free cheese samples).

I was spoilt for choice for amazing possible lunch food in the form of the Roaming Dragon, Le Creperie and Off The Wagon food carts – but alas, I was too full from my home-cooked french toast with baked bananas to try any of it – dang nabbit!

I did however buy some local fresh picked raspberries – a little more friendly on my still-quite-full stomach. *Note to self for next time though – if I’m not going to eat them all straight away, bringing them along for the commute on my bumpy grindy fabulous bicycle is probably not the best idea.

Here’s what they looked like about 15 minutes after I left the market…

…and then after another 15 minutes…

I actually poured off a solid 1/2 cup of rasberry juice once I got home! Ahh well, who needs a juicer when you’ve got a bumpy bike right?

Now during all the unintentional raspberry juicing I did also get to wander along the main drag of Kitsilano, 4th Avenue – and what can I say? Me likey! Cafes galore, I even saw a place that stocked the supposed no. 1 cinnamon rolls in Vancouver (I’m proud to say I exhibited incredible self restraint after the decadence of yesterday and managed to put this on the ‘next time’ list.)

There were even some op shops with sales on…

…it’s just a shame the clothes were all hideous!

I also found some more food to add onto the ‘next time’ list…

…fondue. Mmmmmmmm.

After all that wandering and exploring, I unattractively huffed and puffed my bike back over the Burrard Bridge (yes, a fixed gear bike might look very cool but isn’t very practical when there’s even a slight incline) where I stopped for a spot of reasonably authentic mexican to fill my now not-so-full stomach.

Arriving back in Yaletown…(that’s my hood y’all) I found myself a nice little park, sat down to write some postcards and had a little giggle at how quickly everyone strips off down in the park when the sun actually shines in Vancouver!

Spot the shirtless people!

There was a little chillaxing, a little semi-awkward public napping and some cloud watching…

…and it was great.

I love Sundays! Every day should be Sunday.

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