Sunshine on a Saturday…

I’ve had a delicious Saturday – yes I have.

First of all I’d like to thank the Vancouver weather gods for finally, FINALLY producing some weather that actually had some semblance of summer about it. Today was absolutely glorious – that’s right I dropped the G-Bomb! Never has it been more warranted.

I haven’t had much luck with the weather thus far – last weekend I had my first 2 days off for a looooong time and had formed visions of cruising around the harbor on my (ridiculously awesome!) bike. Come Saturday morn my dreams were dashed when I was woken up by the dull roar of the ever consistent and reliable Canadian drizzle. Boo.

Not this week! Whoever is in charge clearly didn’t get the memo that I was in town, so I awoke on Saturday almost feeling a little sunburnt as the Vitamin D streamed in through my window (note to self – must remember my fellow high rise apartment neighbours can see directly into my room and close the blinds, nobody wants to see what I look like in the morning!).

My lovely housemate Lachy was home as well this weekend and keen for some sort of activity related fun, so we decided to leave the bubble of downtown Vancouver for a wander in the sun. Where to? Well I’d heard the areas around Main st and Commercial Drive were pretty cool, so we left on our way to see what they could bring to the table.

First stop – Solly’s Bakery.

Solly's Bakery politely labels it's loaves - or do they say Sally's!?

This little Jewish gem is within a 15 minute walk of my house (I fear this may be deadly) and dishes up the most amazing looking traditional bagels, salads, pastries, Babka and…CINNAMON ROLLS.

My god the cinnamon rolls were life changing. Ooey gooey rich and spicy, they were huge and we split one between us. Sadly I have no photo of the roll in question, probably because I was too busy licking my fingers and pulling apart the delicious flaky dough to realise that it looked pretty and very photo worthy.

Apparently (word on the street) there is a place in Vancouver that is supposed to have even better cinnamon roll’s than Solly’s. I am making it my life mission to try these ones as well – will report back soon!

After the stop off to cinna-heaven we wandered along Broadway to Main – passing by a random hula hoop convention / street sculpture along the way.

Hula hoops in a fire escape of course!

This area around Broadway and Main street really produced op shop wise (sorry, I should say ‘thrift store’). I found myself some great bargains including…

  • a faux fur jacket (will be handy over here come the winter time)
  • a maroon pleated 60’s style dress (for when I feel the need to be ladylike)

…amongst some other not quite as exciting stuff.

We then wandered over to Commercial Drive. Well I shouldn’t say ‘wandered’, I should say ‘trekked for about an hour in the boiling hot sun’ – turns out it probably was a little far to walk but hey, I need the exercise! Will just remember that for next time.

We saw some pretty cool things along the way…

This telegraph pole is a fraud!

I passed by an idyllic looking little community garden – there were children running around flying kites and loving couples sitting on park benches – it was almost too perfect! Like a scene in a thriller movie before something awful happens (thankfully, nothing did!)

The sunny community garden

Commercial Drive eventually came – and it was worth the walk/trek – very cool and funky. There was a whole lot of Jamaican/Ethiopian /Italian/Cupcake (why yes I believe cupcake should be considered a type of cuisine)/El Salvadorian restaurants on offer – I have full intentions of eating my way through all of the dishes within the next few months!

In the end after some exploring we had some classic burger’s at Vera’s (voted best burgers in all of Vancouver!) and I would have to say, it was a damn fine burger. Belly full and feet rather tired, I said hello to the friendly Gorilla outside the army supply stores (see below), jumped on the skytrain and came home for a well deserved nap.

Just your friendly ammo-selling Gorilla

Over 8 kilometres was walked, but what a lovely day it was.

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