Well, fancy seeing you here!?

Hello hello.

So I’ve done it – jumped on the bandwagon, taken the dive, whatever idiom you’d like to use – I’ve gone and decided to get myself involved with a little bit of blogging action.

‘But why?’ you might ask…well – why not?

At the moment I’m living in a new country (and of course by default new city), meeting new people, exploring new food and places – can I say new again? NEW!

Point is, I love exploring the new and something I love even more than that is telling everybody about what I’ve discovered. I figure this is as good a medium for me as any to let everyone know what I’ve been up to and record for myself what I’ve been doing – all whilst channeling the swirling thoughts within my head onto paper (or screen).

So there you go.

Prepare yourself for some ‘op shop focused / food obsessed / travel hungry / mojito craving / whatever else takes my fancy’ posts and wish me luck!



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